22 July 2011


Influenced by Nico & The Velvet Underground, the Clemency London Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 collection has a Parisian feel with a London edge and New York attitude for a "day-to-night" chic, radiating with 1960's elegance.
Taupe Nico & The Velvet Underground cashmere/wool coat and black super stretch leather jeans will be available from the new and very cool concept store My Village Bicycle, Ledbury Road, London from August.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Saville Row tailoring and menswear for women.

Taupe shearling 1960's jacket available from My Village Bicycle, London, Elizabeth Charles, New York & www.clemencylondon.com form August.

Clemency London Ivory lamb nappa 1960's biker gilet.

Immaculately cut, timeless classics with a sexy French twist. Sharp tailoring is expertly executed drawing experience from Clemency's first class training at Giorgio Armani, Trussardi, Calvin Klein, Joseph & Burberry.

Saville Row tailoring with a rock Couture edge.

Clemency London white, double-face silk organza pleat shirt & black organza couture pleat skirt available  at www.clemencylondon.com from August.

Look 03 from Clemency London Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Look Book.

Clemency London, Windsor Red saddle leather biker jacket.

Lucky look 13 from the Clemency London Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Look Book.

I'll Be Your Mirror.

Soft spike crystals.

Soft spike crystal detachable silk collar with vintage crystals.

15 July 2011

Naked Lens

Sunlight shining through silk organza
Frayed french silk chiffon dress
Organza couture pleats
Spikes on snakeskin
Casual couture
Couture pleats

Shredded chiffon evening dress

Organza dress available at Clemency online store from August 2011 
Jane Birkin by David Bailey
Limited Edition Hermès Leica M7, so chic, I wish it was mine.

07 July 2011


Obsessed with our soft spike crystal jacket, already worn by Elle Macpherson & Ringo Star's Granddaughter of Béla Kiss and now preparing for a wonderfully exciting, top secret journey next week!


"Show me moonlight on the sunrise
I've seen so many planets dancing
I've seen too many people hiding..."
(Two planets, Bat For Lashes)


"Sometimes he's hitching a ride in a freezer or appears as a mist 
he's also been known to introduce himself as a scientist..."(Rainmaker, Sparklehorse)


"Something about you that I can't shake
Don't know how much more of this I can take..." (Under Your Spell, Bob Dylan)


"Your diamond hands
will be stacked with roses..." (Ballroom of Mars, T.Rex)